Perfectly Roasted Single Origin Beans

If your taste for adventure leads you down some less-traveled paths, then Crop·Ex small batch coffees are just your ticket.

We choose the farm not only for its quality beans, but also for the story behind its community and people.

Dustin Fleming, Director of Coffee

Colombia Coffee Kids

Support the Coffee Kids® Organization

Barnie’s has partnered with Coffee Kids, an organization that provides resources, training and mentorship for the next ‘crop’ of coffee farmers. Coffee Kids partners with communities to foster the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit needed to protect the future of coffee farming. Read more about Coffee Kids and Barnie’s relationship with the organization.

Premium Small Batch Roasts

Rather than putting pallets of coffee out to customers, we’re crafting eight to nine bags at a time, so we can perfect our craft and your coffee.

Crop·Ex Collection

We roast single origin, traceable coffees from around the globe with flavor in mind and passion in our hearts. Make a difference in your cup – and the world.

Tucano Espresso
Tucano Espresso

Creamy, Smooth, Sweet

Sumatra Gayo
Sumatra Gayo

Turmeric Spices, Cinnamon, Cherry Skin

Hawaiian Kona
Hawaiian Kona Greenwell Farms

Smooth, Sweet, Bright