Crop Ex Burundi IWCA

Balanced · Sweet Heirloom Tomato · Chocolate

This savory-sweet brew surprises and delights with a balanced mouthfeel, notes of honey and cherry, and a peppery dose of heirloom tomato.


Roast Level: Medium-Light
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Origin: Busiga Commune
Farm: Karahe
Altitude: 5,250 FT

This delicious Burundi is grown and processed by 508 famers who belong to the International The Women in Coffee Association (IWCA). The IWCA focuses on empowering women in their communities through skill training and education in the coffee industry.

After decades of violence and turmoil, coffee farming has helped rebuild Burundi’s economy and make the country a coffee powerhouse in Africa. The Karehe Washing Station, where these cherries are processed and dried, regularly submits coffees that rank among the top six coffees in all of Burundi.

We sign and date each bag on the day it’s roasted

12oz. Bag $16.95 – Sold by Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co.