Rwanda Shyira

Snappy Acidity · Butter · Thyme

This crisp brew is perfectly balanced by rich buttery notes and a subtle herbaceousness.


Roast Level: Medium
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Full Washed
Origin: Nyabihu District
Farm:  Muraho Shyira
Altitude: 6,800 FT

The Muraho Shyira coffee comes from the Shyira Washing Station in the Nyabihu district of Western Rwanda. This station has built a reputation of quality through its consistency that stems from a strict processing regimens. This particular coffee was fully washed and fermented for 12 hours, then it was placed in raised sun beds for 35 days. Due to their success, Muraho Shyira is able to employ a single full time staff that is then supplemented with 42 seasonal workers during peak season.

In addition to their success at producing coffee, this washing station has also successfully raised the standard of living for their community. Through their Farmer Field Schools(FFS), they work with small farm producers by supplying developed seedlings and education about good agricultural practices. In fact, this station is so advanced, it is the only company in Rwanda that is legally allowed to export honey processed coffee, which we hope to get when released.

We sign and date each bag on the day it’s roasted

12oz. Bag $18.95 – Sold by Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co.